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2018-12-04 13:46:40
December Is Upon Us and for the Skiers and Snowboarders It Has Been Nothing Short of Awesome

Awesome Start to the Ski & Holiday Season


WOW! Its December and we have already had some Pow days on the Mountain. Excited and hopeful that there is more snow to come (in the Mountains of Course). I love this time of year the decorations, the gatherings, the food, the time away from work to spend with family and friends. I hope you and yours are doing great. If you want a Christmas Card please email me your mailing address and if you want to talk real estate I would love to hear from

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December Events

10/12 - 4/7: Utah Grizzlies Hockey, West Valley City

10/17 - 4/10: Utah Jazz Basketball, Salt Lake City

11/1 - 1/21: Christmas in the Wizarding World, Sandy

11/16 - 2/24: The Gallivan Center Ice Rink, Salt Lake City

11/16 - 2/3: Station Park Holiday Ice Rink, Farmington

11/17 - 2/23: Cosmic Skating, Utah Olympic Oval

11/19 - 1/5: 2018 Luminaria: Experience the Light, Thanksgiving Point

11/20 - 12/21: North Pole Express, Heber City

11/22 - 1/1: 26th Annual Festival of Lights, Spanish Fork

11/23 - 1/2: Temple Square Christmas Lights, Salt Lake City

11/24 - 1/1: Ogden's Christmas Village, Ogden

11/30 - 12/31: Holiday Window Stroll, Grand America Hotel

11/30 - 12/31: ZooLights at Utah's Hogle Zoo, Salt Lake City

11/30 - 12/31: Downtown Jingle Bus, Salt Lake City

11/30 - 12/31: Festival of the Seas, Draper

11/30 - 12/31: Christmas in Color, West Jordan & Provo

12/1: Jim Gaffigan: The Fixer Upper Tour, Salt Lake City

12/1: Santa Pub Crawl, Park City

12/2 - 12/9: Hanukkah Candle Lighting, Snowbird

12/7: Hanukkah Celebration, Gateway

12/7 - 12/9: Park Silly Holiday Bazaar, Park City

12/8: Deer Valley Resort Opening Day, Park City

12/8: Zions Bank Beehive Classic, Salt Lake City

12/8: Shred For Red, Presented by Deer Valley Resort, Park City

12/13 - 12/15: Christmas with The Tabernacle Choir with Kristin Chenoweth, Salt Lake City

12/14 - 12/29: Ballet West's The Nutcracker, Salt Lake City

12/14 - 12/16: Park City Holiday Spectacular and Sing-Along, Park City

12/17: Christmas Carole Sing Along, Salt Lake City

12/22 - 1/6: Park City Snow Fest 2018, Park City Mountain

12/22: Here Comes Santa Claus with the Utah Symphony, Salt Lake City

12/26 - 12/28: Queen Nation, Park City

12/27: The Beach Boys, Salt Lake City

12/29: A Magical Cirque Christmas, Salt Lake City

12/29 - 12/31: Who's Bad? The Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute, Park City

12/30: Deer Valley's Annual Torchlight Parade, Park City



Shop with a Cop

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah Properties is proud to support Shop with a Cop. Members of Police Departments throughout the state including highway patrol, sheriff’s office, and FBI agents take on the role of Santa Claus for the force's 'Pay it Forward' initiative. Generally, this event is held during the December holidays. At the event an officer is paired with a child for breakfast and a morning of shopping for warm clothing and holiday gifts. The children who are chosen to participate are most often at-risk, disadvantaged, or have experienced a negative situation with law enforcement. The Police Departments raise and donate the money to cover the cost of the shopping spree. 

Essential Home Maintenance Tips for Winter

Cold weather is quickly arriving in Utah if it isn’t already in your area. Keeping your home safe during the winter is an outstanding job that requires maintenance. Choosing to forego these important tips could lead to damage to your home and a big headache for you come spring. Make sure to follow these essential home maintenance tips for winter to keep your home in top condition:

Clear Gutters Now
Clogged gutters can become a nightmare for many Utah homeowners. Fall leaves, dirt, mud, and debris can all back up in a gutter and block rain from properly running off of your home. Make sure to clean out gutters before freezing temperatures arrive to make this job easy. Scraping out frozen mud or debris from gutters is not a fun job to do come winter. Clearing gutters now will help prevent water issues and flooding that could significantly damage a home.

Clean the Chimney
Many homeowners in Beehive State enjoy using their wood fireplace during the winter season. Fires provide a warm addition to the home and create a cozy atmosphere. Make sure to have your chimney cleaned by a professional to ensure that your home will be safe this winter. Professional chimney cleaners will not only clear away debris and soot build up but will also inspect your chimney for cracks or damaged areas. Cleaning the chimney is a necessary maintenance item that needs to be performed every year depending on your fireplace use. Keeping the chimney clean and clear will reduce the risk of a chimney fire that could harm your home as well.

Insulate Pipes
Many Utah homeowners have faucets or watering spigots around many areas of their home. Make sure to properly insulate these areas of your home to prevent freezing. Pipes located within the interior parts of your home should also be carefully maintained to avoid a burst pipe. Insulate those pipes near the outside walls of your home as well as any pipes that have had problems with freezing in the past. A little time and effort to prevent burst pipes is much easier and cheaper than the aftermath of how much damage a burst pipe can cause within a home.

Check for Drafts
The access points of your home are common areas where cold weather can easily draft in through windows and doors. This cold air not only makes your home uncomfortable but also can quickly raise your heating expenses as the house tries to battle the frigid air. Make sure that all of the doors and windows of your home are adequately sealed to create a tight barrier against colder air. Consider adding an extra layer of protection with curtains and draft stoppers if cold air can come through any openings.

Keeping your Utah home warm and safe during the winter season is an essential part of home maintenance. Make sure to clear gutters and have your chimney professionally cleaned to prevent future issues. Insulate both indoor and outdoor pipes as well as water systems to minimize the chance of burst pipes. Check for drafts near windows and doors as well to keep your home warm this winter. Consider all of these essential home maintenance tips to keep your home in excellent condition this winter season.

Meredith Hale is a gardening and landscape writer for LawnStarter, and design addict. She has coordinated the design on many house flipping projects, admitting that her favorite part is creating inspired outdoor spaces.

Skiing with Kids: What to Know Before You Go

Skiing is a big deal and Utah is the perfect location for kids to learn how to ski. Although skiing by yourself may be a little easier, it’s not nearly as memorable. When you want to ski with kids, here is what you need to know.

Don’t overdress your kids
Most people think that the first thing they should do, when they take their kids skiing, is dress them super warm. While you want them to be warm, you also want them to be able to move. Overdressing could mean overheating. You want them to have fun and not complain all day that they are too warm. 

  • Layer 1: Base Layer: Start with a base layer. Your base layer includes underwear, long johns and socks. 
  • Layer 2: Under Layer: Next, you'll have an underlay that includes a warm top and bottom. You'll want something that isn't bulky and thick. We like a lightweight fleece. Stay away from cotton as it gets heavy when it's wet. 
  • Layer 3: Outer Layer: Your outer layer is your ski pants and ski jacket. We like getting our ski pants and jacket a little big so they have room to grow. 
  • Layer 4: Accessories: Then you'll add your goggles, helmet, and gloves. Look for helmets that are adjustable so they fit the kids for a few years.
  • Layer 5: Gear: The finishing touch is your skis, poles and boots. 

It’s best to spend some time allowing your kids to practice dressing themselves. When your kids are more independent with their dressing, it’ll make it easier to go to the slopes. Trying to dress 2-3 kids, plus yourself is never fun!

Pack a bag for your ski trip
Let’s face it, it’s hard to go to the store with kids, let alone skiing. One of the best things you can do for you and your kids is pack a bag full of everything you could possibly need. Here are a few things to include in the bag that you bring. 

  • Snacks

  • Water bottle 

  • Sunscreen

  • Extra socks and gloves

  • Chapstick

  • Tissues

Be as patient as possible

When it comes to kids and skiing, you’ll have to be as patient as you can. It takes kids a while to learn. Although some kids may have a natural knack for it, it may take other kids a while to get it down. Your kids are going to try your patience, but if you stick with it, everyone will come out on top. Personally, I like to have emergency chocolate for myself. Utah's Best Snowboard Schools and Learning to Turn are two great resources for lesson information.

How to pick the right terrain for your kids
Taking your kids skiing for the first time can be scary for them. Picking the right terrain for your kids gets them started on the right foot. It helps them ease into skiing without the pressure of coming off a big ski lift. You can always start small and then choose bigger terrain down the road.

The more experienced your kids become with skiing, the bigger terrain you can try. It’s amazing how, when kids become more confident in their skiing skills, they’re willing to keep pushing themselves.

Repetition is a good thing
Most kids aren’t going to learn the first time which is why allowing your kids to practice over and over is a good thing. Plan on taking them skiing several times and not just one or two times. Also, their first time skiing, don’t expect them to be perfect at it. The more they practice, the better.

Get them used to walking in their boots. Then have them walk around with one ski on.

It’s kind of like driving, for adults. At first, you’re nervous, but as time goes on and you get more practice, everything gets easier! The human mind is quite incredible.

Remember, it's ok to take a hot chocolate break too!

Your kids are always watching you
This is truer now than ever. As you take your kids skiing, you should know that they’re watching you. They want to see how you’re doing things on the slopes. In fact, they’ll learn a lot about skiing from watching you. It’s okay to make mistakes because they’ll also be watching how you work your mistakes out. Don’t be afraid to get out there and have fun with your kids. Remember, it's ok to take a hot chocolate break too!

Take it one step at a time
As you introduce your kids to skiing, it’s important to allow them to practice one step at a time. For example, have them try on their skis and walk around in them for a little bit. They need to get used to the feel of the skis on their feet.

Other skills you can work on with your kids:

  • Learning how to make a pizza

  • Learn how to sidestep and duck walk

  • Learn how to make an airplane with your arms

Skiing with kids should be fun and memorable. If you think your kids need ski lessons, don’t be shy about getting them lessons. Most ski resorts have different classes available for different aged kids. Sign your kids up and watch them have a blast skiing with you! Remember that it’s important for kids to gain solid ski skills before they can do all the fun stuff. Just remind them that learning how to ski is still a lot of fun.

Sourced from Ski Utah by Adventure Mom

Incredible Home For Sale

This home will exceed your expectations in everyway from the kitchen to the master suite to each and every detail. The owner took great care in the design and materials selected. One of the finest homes you will see in Utah County.

Click here to see more photos and info 

Price Reduced on This Salt City Home
Enjoy living Sherman Ave in Salt Lake City in this Completely Remodeled Home. The additions gave this home to additional bedrooms upstairs one of which features a beautiful master bath. Downstairs is a fabulous Mother In Law Apartment with private entrance. Take a look further by Clicking Here. Price is now $605,000.

Custom Home, Incredible Finish

With its custom finishes and 1500 sq ft Garage this home may just be the perfect fit for you and your family. Walnut Hardwood Floors, Deluxe Cherry Cabinets and Huge Outdoor Covered Patio are just some of this homes features. Click Here to see more.

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