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2012-04-30 12:56:00
Do I Need or Want a Home Warranty? The Answer is

Buying a Home?  Don’t Forget to ask the seller to provide a Home Warranty if they don’t’ or won’t offer one buy one for yourself it may prove to be your best House Warming Gift yet.  In my 17 years selling real estate I have had hundreds of clients benefit from their Home Warranty…from the new dishwasher that stopped working mid cycle, the water heater that suddenly stopped working to the Furnace giving out during the coldest part of a Utah winter.

In a market full of Bank Owned Homes and Short Sales don’t leave anything to chance, the banks don’t and the distressed Homes owners don’t as those homes are being sold “AS IS”.  Even a great Home inspector may miss some key things so avoid the surprise expense, a new A/C unit can run $1000-2500 if that same A/C unit fails and you have a home warranty the deductable is currently $60-65 depending on which company you choose.

Here are the top Home Warranty Providers I have experience with in the State of Utah:




During the Month of May 2012 if you buy a Home with me your Home Warranty is Free, if the Seller Provides the Home Warranty then the portion of $$ we would have purchased your Home Warranty with will be applied to the cost of your appraisal at Closing.

Happy House Hunting.


Ben Thorn


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